Ali Taylor Golf

It all started when our managing director, Daniel, tried his hand at Golf…safe to say that he’s since stuck with designing websites and managing Black Tiger! Dan’s Coach was Alastair Taylor, a PGA professional coach with 20 years of experience. After doing some minor work on Ali’s growing YouTube channel, Ali decided it was time to take the brand to the next level. We’ve been working with ATG for over 2 years now, and have transformed the brand across all social media platforms including all online and offline sectors.

The Brief

Give Ali’s expanding golf coaching the push it needed in order for them to stand out in the incredibly competitive Youtube & Golf Coaching industry.

How we Answered

It’s no secret that the modern golf coaching industry has huge competition. With YouTube being a major player in how coaches get their name out there, Ali already had a fairly large following on social media and YouTube, but it was the growth that was slowing the brand down. We all know that a strong brand image can be the key to standing out, and with that in our minds and some amazing videos and materials from Ali, we were able to get the ATG brand out there to become a serious competitor in the world of golf coaching.


One of the biggest points that a strong, modern “golfers” brand needs, is an icon. We knew that Ali was going to use the logo everywhere, and we mean everywhere! This is the first logo that we’ve ever seen go onto his very own golf bag! (apart from when we worked with Dan Webster, on his golf brand). Ali was keen on using a lime green and grey colour palette, which we were more than happy to use, green and grey can be a marriage made in heaven.


The website has been our most recent project with Ali. With an ever-growing YouTube channel with over 20 thousand subscribers and social media channels with thousands of followers, we knew that Ali has followers all around the world. Coaching is Ali’s main line of work, and with the option of flying around the world to deliver 1-hour lessons not the most cost-effective option, we set about building a website where customers can buy online lessons, in order to be coached wherever they are in the world through the power of the internet.

The CMS E-Commerce integrated on the website allows customers to purchase golf lessons package, with each package offering more videos and further coaching aids.

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