Blackpool Wake Park

We found that Blackpool Wake Park was perhaps one of the best places for us to spend our summer evenings, after a while, we remembered we had work to do! Gary, owner and (most of the time) amazing guy, came to us with the mission of boosting their online presence and open up markets that they were currently missing with their tired and dull Instagram and Facebook posts.

The Brief

Boost online social media.

Capitalise on the 2019 Summer

Have photos ready for 2020

How we Answered.

A mixture of photography, social media posts and hard work.

We began our project with some initial research into why their social pages were lacking. We found that their previous ways of posting were outdated, lacking creative imagery and weren’t engaging with their entire audience. Looking into their highest engagement times, and producing a series of high impact quirky graphics, we were able to turn engagement rates to over 80% of their audience.


Our Results

The results from our first posts compared to the last posts were:

Last post by the Wake Park team (28/06/19) – Engagements: 149
Our Posts at Black Tiger (11/07/19) – Engagements: 1,103


Black Tiger Creative helped develop and support our social media presence and as a seasonal business, we found them to be professional and reactive in a time-sensitive manner. I would have no hesitation in recommending their services since they would add significant value to any business and we look forward to working with them again in 2020.

Gary Thompson – Owner

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