Nigel Holmes Menswear

Established in 1976, Nigel Holmes Designer Menswear is the most established and well-renowned menswear store on the Fylde Coast and beyond. With a brand as popular as Nigel Holmes, we at Black Tiger Creative were absolutely delighted when we were approached to bring forward the brand with a revitalised online impression and compete with existing online sellers who were dominating the market.

The Brief

Bring forward the most established designer menswear store in Lytham with a revitalised web design and brand image.

How we Answered

Before we began work, Nigel Holmes’s website consisted of a page linked directly to their Facebook page, something we obviously knew needed changing. We started by looking into the most modern, contemporary ways of publishing a brand founded over 40 years ago, without losing the heritage that is so commonly associated with the brand. The image was important, hence why we were keen to continue using the same logo that was the owner, Nigel’s, very own signature. What you see today, if you visit the website is a light palette coloured website, with splashes of red to draw in the eye. Easy to navigate with an emphasis on the amazing designer brands they stock in store.

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