Does Your Website Have The Wrong Colour Scheme?

Daniel Hurst

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Colour has been shown by extensive research to be an important factor in making a brand and a firm attractive

When it comes to website design, the issue of colour may seem less important than other functions such as having good navigability for site users, attractive content or high-quality images. But it can still be very important.

A key reason for this is that colour has been shown by extensive research to be an important factor in making a brand and a firm attractive, which is a very good reason for a company website to emphasise it.

The psychological impact of different colours is something that needs to be taken very seriously, as it should align with what your firm offers and the image you want your brand to convey. For many potential customers, their first encounter with this will be when they visit your website.

So, what should your colour scheme be? The answer may be tied in with your company logo and in both cases the colour you choose can convey a subliminal message. Choose the one that best fits the product and the market you are aiming at.

For instance, red conveys attributes like love, romance and energy. Yellow is youthful, happy and positive. Orange is about warmth, excitement, prosperity and change. Purple offers a sense of authority, authenticity and luxury, the latter derived from its long association with royalty.

So it goes on. Green, an obvious choice for eco-friendly products, emphasises nature, health and tranquillity, while blue highlights wisdom, sophistication and even spirituality. Pink has more sexual and feminine overtones, while black exudes luxury.

Of course, the role of colour can be more overt for some than others. If you sell eco-friendly products, for example, green will be very heavily emphasised. Or, like ourselves, you may even have the colour in your company name, with other examples including estate agency Purple Bricks and telecoms company Orange.

All this means that if your website is to be an effective marketing tool, a design with colours that reflect the image you want to create is an essential aspect you cannot neglect.

Daniel Hurst

Daniel Hurst

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