Exact Trade Group.

When Jack, from the Exact Trade Group approached us to revitalise his trade brand, we jumped at the idea. We weren’t ashamed to admit, but we had zero knowledge when it came to trading! This didn’t stop us from working with the trading expert Jack to design, produce and mockup his brand to bring it toward a wider market of hungry traders.

The brief from Jack had 2 major points. One, it needs to be subtle. Two, it needs to be a stamp. Not much to go off, but we do love a good challenge. So we got to work, brainstorming on paper and taking the potential ideas to the computer.

The Brief


Promote the Brand

Unlock hidden audience with a creative and unique brand design.

How we Answered.

We had those 2 major points to go off that kept ringing in our ears. Subtle, and “stampable”. Here’s what we came up with.

Subtle and stamped…subtle and stamped. It was something we had to have, and without it, we’d of failed the brief, something we’ll never do! After numerous concepts that we trialled with Jack, and numerous calls to discuss directly what worked and what didn’t, we came up with what you see here today. Stylising the initials of E and G, the subtly was there, which then meant that “stamp-ability” wasn’t far away. A few more tweaks, a dash of clean colour and Jack’s logo was ready to be uploaded.

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