Van Comrade is a new, innovative UK Made product aimed at the van and commercial industry. A storage device that allows for tools and equipment to be stored easily and transported wherever it’s needed simply by hooking it onto any wall/surface. Being a startup, the team needed the best chance possible to get their new product seen by the masses, that’s where we came in.

We’ve been working with the team at Van Comrade for the past few months, producing their website and offering our monthly brand management services, to grow the brand whilst continuing its development.

The Brief

Our task was to first produce an easy to use and navigate E-Commerce website that enabled customers to purchase the product and checkout without leaving the website to make payment. Making the process as easy as possible was key.

How we Answered

The website we produced for Van Comrade was made to be as simple as possible for those who simply wanted to make a purchase, whilst still offering a multitude of information on the product, should a user want to learn more about its various uses. It was important we didn’t crowd the websites shop page with info as this would mean the checkout experience for their customer would become a nuisance to navigate.


Having the opportunity to work on an almost daily basis with Van Comrade, means our project didn’t end after the completion of their website. We’ve been on board and producing their marketing and promotions for the various trade shows and exhibits the team have been attending, as well as playing a major role in the development of the brand, both offline and online.

Throughout our time working with Van Comrade, we’ve found great success and through a collective effort, have managed to push Van Comrade from an unknown startup to a product seen and loved by thousands.


van comrade website mockup

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